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trainer-and-client Are you seeking the expert services of a certified personal trainer to provide you with in-home personal training?

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community-exercisers Are you a City, a Town or other Municipality that would like to help its citizens to become more physically active and fit?

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corporate-lifter Are you a small business or large company that would like to offer a fitness program to your employees?

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials!

Words of appreciation from a few of the many clients that I have personally been blessed to work with..

Testimonial from Irene G:
"I have had a personal trainer for over 27 years; the last two and a half years I have been fortunate to meet Zor and work with him from my home. It was a new and refreshing experience to work with this friendly, fit and knowledgeable trainer. I thought I was fit when I began but he has helped me reach a higher fitness level that I didn't think possible. I am going to be 67 years old and because of my training with Zor, I was able to be featured in the Westchester Magazine article titled Beautiful Bodies.
I loved working with Zor, always encouraging, always watching my form to avoid injury. His countdown approach to doing sets was major because I was able to workout according to how I felt each day. I love him as a person and trainer. How fortunate I am to know him."

Testimonial from Bettina S:
"Over the years I have tried all kinds of exercise classes, from aerobics to yoga to pilates but I always managed to injure myself. When I met Zor, I was thrilled that he offered personal training sessions which I took with my 86 year old mother, together we worked on precisely what each of our needs were, we both needed to build up strength in our legs and arms but at different levels. Zor found a way to teach us at the same time, making sure we both got enough attention and challenge. Zor made exercising fun."

Testimonial from Debbie G:
"I have sporadically exercised through the years, though at age 50 I was introduced to ZeZor DeForce. I trained with Zor in a group class for over 2 years and maintained a daily workout schedule of 5 days a week. Even though I was working out within a group, it felt as though I was being trained personally, one-on-one. Zor knows the whole-person approach to fitness, which is engaging the mind, body and spirit."

Testimonial from Sara B:
"About three years ago, I became a client of Mind N Body Fitness, a new fitness program which was started in Dobbs Ferry, NY by Trainer Z. It was a totally new experience for me and a very positive one. Most of my classes were with Trainer Z who worked us hard but made it fun at the same time. The best thing about the classes besides achieving positive body results, was Trainer Z's countdown method which allowed each person to perform at his/her own pace. Each routine was timed so that it was easy to assess how much energy to expend at one time. All of Trainer Z's classes were truly total body workouts but varied; i.e., strength and motion, awesome abs and kickboxing, which was my favorite."

Testimonial from Jacquelyn J:
"For me, the group workout classes created by Trainer Z, the owner of Mind N Body Fitness offers the perfect workout selection. There's a class to fill every need - weight training, cardio, core strengthening, stretching and more. Each person is encouraged to work at his own pace, with motivation to improve provided by the attentive instructors."

Testimonial from Joy M:
"I have been a member of Mind N Body Fitness in Dobbs Ferry, NY since September, 2006. Trainer Z has created a unique exercise regimen which focuses on the mind and body connection.
The classes are small and intimate, allowing the instructors to focus on helping clients achieve the best results possible and making sure that we understand the correct form. The workouts are fun and target the entire body. Because the classes are small, it is like having a personal instructor who can concentrate on each client giving us individual attention. Each person can go at his or her own pace and not feel that they have to keep up with everyone else in the class.
Each day offers a different workout and I have noticed a change in my body shape and have become more agile and much stronger than what I was when I first started. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the other clients who have become my friends and we all encourage each other to do our best. I look forward to going to class every time."

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